Personal Pronouns

1st Person 2nd Person 3rd Person Masculine 3rd Person Feminine 3rd Person Neuter
Nominative Singular ég þú hann hún það
Accusative mig þig hann hana það
Dative mér þér honum henni því
Genitive mín þín hans hennar þess
Nominative Plural við þið þeir þær þau
Accusative okkur ykkr þá þær þau
Dative okkur ykkur þeim þeim þeim
Genitive okkar ykkar þeirra þeirra þeirra

Possessive Pronouns

In addition to the genetive forms above (hans his; hennar hers; þess its; þeirra theirs;) there are four possessive pronouns minn (mine), þinn (yours), sinn (his,her,its, their) and vor (our). The latter is only used in writing. In speech, okkar is used. (See declension above.) Note the accents in the declensions below because they can differentiate between one gender and another and one case and another.
Here is the declension of the first three personal pronouns: (using minn as the example)
Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative Singular minn mín mitt
Accusative minn mína mitt
Dative mínum minni mínu
Genitive míns minnar míns
Nominative Plural mínir mínar mín
Accusative mína mínar mín
Dative mínum mínum mínum
Genitive mínna mínna mínna

Here is the declension for vor. You do not need to know this off the top of your head but you should be able to recognize these forms when you come across them in writing.
Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative Singular vor vor vort
Accusative vorn vora vort
Dative vorum vorri voru
Genitive vors vorrar vors
Nominative Plural vorir vorar vor
Accusative vora vorar vor
Dative vorum vorum vorum
Genitive vorra vorra vorra

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