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A simple search on with the keyword "runes" would bring up a zillion different books ranging from science fiction to non-fiction. But what are the runes really? Many people are interested in them because of Tolkien or because they believe that they are magical charms that can tell the future like tarrot cards. The growing interest in runology has inspired the following books. These workbooks are created to inform the reader about the real purpose of runes (yes including their magic but not limited to) as well as letting the reader learn how to decipher the runic inscriptions and learn more about their cultural and historical context. There are four workbooks which will be available as of September 15, 2003:

Book One: An Introduction to Runology

This book consists of a thourough introduction to the Scandinavian Futharks and the proper transcription, translation and interpretation of runic inscriptions. Focus will be on the rune names, the rune poems, the cultural and historical context and some basic runic inscriptions. The appendix will include: Norse Grammar and Scandinavian Maps.

Book Two: A Scandinavian Runic Workbook for Beginners

This book will build upon the first and will contain more complex runic inscriptions. The focus will be on the inscriptions themselves. Each inscription will be accompanied by a note about the historical and cultural context as well as archeological details pertaining to the item on which the inscription is inscribed. The appendix will include a Norse Grammar, an Answer Key, Hints and Notes about the inscriptions and Scandinavian Maps.

Book Three: An Anglo-Saxon Runic Workbook for the Intermediate Student

This book will introduce the student to the Anglo Saxon futhorc and its variants throughout time. It will contain the Anglo Saxon rune poem and various Anglo Saxon runic inscriptions of various levels of difficulty getting progressively more complex. It will also include the cultural context and uses of runes in Anglo Saxon England. The extensive appendix will include:An Old English grammar, A Closer Look at the Ruthwell Cross, A discussion on How did Runes come to England? as well as maps and distribution maps.

Book Four: The Crypto-runes: A Runic Workbook for the Advanced Student

This book introduces the students to cryptic runes of both the Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon variety. In addition to the cryptic runic inscriptions, archeaologic details and the historical and cultural context will be provided for each inscription. The appendix will include a Norse Grammar and an Old English Grammar.

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