Welcome to Nicole’s New Website

Hi. Welcome to my website. I am moving it to http://www.geocities.com/nicolejwallace because Freeservers is really inconsistent and does not delete old files when I ask nor upload new files. They keep disappearing into the depths of cyberspace and quite frankly I am quite annoyed.

What's New?
I am in the process of updating the sites about me. Also check out Paula's wedding photos.
Who am I?
More about Me
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Paula's Wedding

SagaNotes: A Reference Guide to Icelandic Sagas
The Runic Workbook Project
Icelandic Grammar
A Bibliography of Resources and Consulted Texts
Germanic and Scandinavian Language Reference
Reference Guide and Resources
German Grammar under construction
Medieval Iceland: The Rise and Fall of the Commonwealth AD 870-1264
Danish Grammar under construction
Flateyjarbók Manuscript