This page is to provide resources on learning these languages such as dictionaries, easy phrases, and online tutorials.

I am not responsible for the content on these sites unless they are my own.

Germanic Languages
German German-English Dictionary and Translations

Chicolynn's Language Tutorial

Swedish Swedish-English Dictionary

Intro to Swedish

Bjorn Engdahl's Swedish Course

Norwegian Norwegian in Five Minutes a Month
Danish Danish Grammar and Dictionary Links
Old English Modern English to Old English Vocabulary

Wendere Old English/Modern English Dictionary

Bright's Old English Glossary Online

Old Norse/

Old Icelandic

The Old Norse Language

Old Norse and Runology

Old Norse Grammar and Runology

A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic by Zoega (provided by

Modern Icelandic Icelandic Phrase Page

Bragi - Icelandic as a Foreign Language

Mimir Icelandic Grammar

Other Languages of the North
Finnish Finnish/English and English/Finnish Online Dictionary

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