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These pages are devoted to the advancement of Scandinavian Studies, the tolerance of other languages and cultures, and the promotion of language learning during secondary school education.

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Medieval Iceland: The Rise and Fall of the Commonwealth AD 870-1264  Spring 2001

Flateyjarbók Manuscript  Fall 2001

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What is it? EuroClub is a Widening Participation program through University College London. It began last year and thanks to its success is being continued this year as well. The purpose of EuroClub, and any Widening Participation program is to encourage secondary students to continue onto higher education. We target years 8 and 9 to encourage the students to take a foreign language at A-level and perhaps beyond. Once a month we send a student ambassador, a trained UCL student, to secondary schools throughout the London area to give a presentation on an EU country of their choice. This year we are including the new member states. For more information, or to get us to come to your school, please see our official website.

Official Website:

Pilot Website - designed by me as a template for the new site. This site should be the official site as of February 2004 but is currently under construction both by myself and the director Kimberlee Lange, as well as the UCL webmaster.

What is my role in EuroClub? Last year I presented Sweden and Iceland. This year, I have continued my Iceland presentation but have been appointed Assistant Programme Director. We are currently planning and promoting the future of this club and it is my hope that my contribution aids in the future sucess of the program.